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We are a precise steel fabricator in Brisbane supplying all construction types, such as simple posts and beams, portal frames, complete support posts and beams for mezzanine floors. We can supply everything from a single post to a house load privacy screens.

Other fabricated steel products are steel/aluminium gate frames, steel/aluminium awning frames, steel brackets, steel/aluminium frames, steel stringers, hand rail posts, special steel/aluminium posts, portal frames, steel bollards, decorative bollard lights, ram raid posts, steel protection posts and bollards, structural steel, steel brackets, steel roof risers, steel shade sail posts, steel/aluminium privacy screen frames, steel/aluminium driveway gates, steel post supports, steel shelf brackets, plates, steel reo cages, steel footing cages, aluminium/steel racks, steel retaining wall posts, steel tank stands, steel sign frames, steel A frames.

From the simplest bracket to the intricate architectural steelwork or aluminium work we are dedicated to supplying top-quality steel or aluminium products to meet your requirements. We value and welcome all orders no matter how small or large with the knowledge that the client is dependent on reliable service.

Our skilled and qualified staff specialise in the use of extensive range of products.  We are able to fabricate custom items for your projects, including Louver systems (fixed, sliding or opening), Handrails, Balustrading, Gates (sliding or hinged), Decorative Screens, Stairs (Mono or Spiral), Privacy Screens, Patio enclosures, Parapet decorative screens, and please explore our range in our gallery for other items. Made to Order: Brackets and Plates for different industries and applications, including Handrail Brackets, Angle Brackets, Support Brackets, Wall Mount Brackets, U Shaped Brackets, Z Shaped Brackets, Hat Shaped Brackets, Post Support Brackets and Claw Plates are all manufactured in our Brisbane Factory.

We pride ourselves with 90 years combined experience, delivering high quality, excellent customer service with a view to assisting to achieving your vision to any customized product produced by us.
Quality Steel Stair Stringers: Designed Steel Stair Stringers, are manufactured to exacting standards, in our Brisbane Factory. Standard or Non Standard Customized Stair Stringers, those with different Rise or Goings, are all able to be manufactured to suit your requirements.  Designed for Internal or External uses in Residential and Commercial applications. Curved Stair stringers giving an aesthetically pleasing appearance.
Support posts or the fabrication using thicker RHS may also be required when the Stair Stringers are used in commercial applications.

For Non-Standard Custom Stair Stringers, contact us to receive a quotation on your specific requirements.  Steel Stair Stringers fabricated in our Brisbane factory at very competitive prices. Manufactured to your requirements.

“We are Always a Step Ahead of the Rest”